Fantasy Works in Progress

A space to tell you about whatever projects author Steven D’Adamo is currently working on.

“The Herb Witch” – (still a working title)

  • What: A duology/trilogy of survival stories focused on one family in the Hinterlands of Úr’Dan
  • Who: New characters!
  • Status:
    • Part 1: Second draft, currently about 21,000 words of 30,000
    • Part 2: Not yet outlined
  • Anticipated Release? Aiming for late 2020
  • Logline: (also a work-in-progress)

After losing everything, a woman will do whatever she can to protect her family in a dangerous country.

The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy

  • What: Follow-up novel to The Warden of Everfeld: Memento
  • Who: Focused on Arden and a couple other characters
  • Status: First draft, currently about 64,000 words of 150,000+
  • Anticipated release? Not in 2020
  • Logline:

A teenage hunter in the wilds of Everfeld must discover the truth of her family’s deaths before her enemies learn of her true identity.

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