Free Verse – Challenge Call Response – JG

Heaven’s Devils

           “This isn’t what we do. It’s not about hatred or about death or about any of the  trivial reasons the biased media is painting it around. Don’t let them twist the mission.”
“Them? This isn’t about some vague all powerful ‘them’, this is about me. About us and what we’re trying to accomplish here. We’re supposed to be sending a message to a group of people too comfortable and arrogant to read it. There’s only one choice left.” She punches downward to accentuate her point with the cracking of fist-on-desk violence. Or maybe just to stop herself from hitting me. Continue reading “Free Verse – Challenge Call Response – JG”

The Challenge Call: New Schizophrenic Summers

Yesterday I posted a poem entitled Emergence to our Schizophrenic summers category, which has been a graveyard filled with the remnants of submissions past for over a month now. Yes, Jessie and I became bored with the format — monthly poetry themes that we would arduously and obligingly toil over to submit, usually days after the end of the month (or sometimes not at all). And we have had precious few submissions from others (ahem! fellow poets).

But we cannot reasonably expect others to submit to a monthly theme that we barely participate in ourselves. It was time for a change. And I believe we have found an appropriate and much more invigorating use for this space. Continue reading “The Challenge Call: New Schizophrenic Summers”

Rock Song – Saving Ze World – JG

OK, so the theme was totally saving the world and my entry veers heavily into destroying it instead. Whoops? At least I stuck to the structure XD


Devil in the Details, Monster in the Music

‘It’s a symphony and everyone’s in the band’,
Said a wise man to a crowded room,
That might as well have been empty,
For all the impact he made. Continue reading “Rock Song – Saving Ze World – JG”

Galumphing – Carpenter, Cloud, Outer Space – SD

“Hard Hat Dreamer”

He stands on the corner amidst the sea
Watching the people flow down the street
With their tenacity and their gnashing teeth
Sniffing out a piece of Joe Don’s defeat

Hard hat yellow
Belt like espresso
Protruding blades and metal Continue reading “Galumphing – Carpenter, Cloud, Outer Space – SD”