Free Verse – Emergence – SD


Waves caress with sighs,
infinite breaths of life unseen.
Another universe waits below,
undetected by meager tools.
A force so mighty as to miniaturize all
knowledge you so naively cling to
until the apprehension builds,
slowly at first-
a trickle.
And then a swell
like the air rushing forth
from a gaping chasm…
of what may lurk.
It does not charge,
or stalk, or prey.
It just is.
Like the thousand eyes
too acute to touch sunlight
but ever piercing your being.
The touch so sensitive
that a ripple hundreds of leagues away
surges like a tidal wave.
And though you may never see it
you cannot shake the sensation,
peering down into the cold and black,
that there is not merely death,
but an ageless power.
It materializes from the blackness,
emerging as a shadow from a deeper shade.
And then you find yourself drowning,
being pulled into the primal abyss
to the resounding cacophony of emptiness.
The void,
a black hole.
And yet,
it this this majestic terror
which surrounds us.
Always waiting,

Steve D

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