Moonlit Musing – In The Negative

By vilifying love; calling it sinful, evil, wrong
You take away something that belongs.
Something this world needs.
This world already in the negative –
Can it afford to lose even more?
And worse, the source of your final verdict?
The higher power you cower behind –
That divine decree, the no proof of deity,
Is an inescapable reason why it is so lacking. So hurting.
No love is worthy in the eyes of your God. No one is worthy.
Push everyone down until they’re so much less than they were
If love for another is so criminal,
What makes your love for Him so upstanding?
He only demands everything –
Especially what we can’t give…

Perhaps your God is no longer mine.

More likely? Perhaps your religion is no longer mine.

Jessie Gutierrez

Author’s Note: Been listening to a lot of philosopher Sam Harris’ debates and speeches lately… thought provoking stuff, I tell ya.

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