Moonlit Musing – Identity

Had a dream with you starring
Woke up mid scream
Won’t call it a nightmare
‘Cause it was still good to see you.
You never saw me
And won’t have the chance again
Not ’til a procrastinator’s later.
I can’t see me either
Not clearly
I’m a blur of
indistinguishable labels. Continue reading “Moonlit Musing – Identity”

Moonlit Musing – Anxiety.

It’s three walls closing in around you and the only open exit is a cliff edge leading to a pit of spikes. But slowly. Creeping death as Metallica would have it. And it’s all the more tangible for being so slow, because you can see and feel and dread it coming, but there seems like no way to stop it without making everything exponentially worse.
So you freeze. Continue reading “Moonlit Musing – Anxiety.”