Moonlit Musing – Identity

Had a dream with you starring
Woke up mid scream
Won’t call it a nightmare
‘Cause it was still good to see you.
You never saw me
And won’t have the chance again
Not ’til a procrastinator’s later.
I can’t see me either
Not clearly
I’m a blur of
indistinguishable labels.
Atheist. Aromantic. Atypical.
Asinine. Ashamed. Assuming.
A disciple of the old ways
Who never got on the right path.
Perhaps it’s all in the books.
In The Good Book,
It’s worth taking a look,
I’ve always been strangely literary,
Especially when I’m not being literal.
Still, I’m working my way through the A’s
An alphabetical adventure to assign
Attributes as yet alien.

Foreign to you and me both,
An oath against creation:
To curse one with the unknown
Not alone,
But blanketed in the awareness of
Such unrest,
Such distress
In not knowing who you are.
From the outside I don’t know
What’s to be read
On the cliff notes of me
What exactly does one see
When peering directly at me?

I didn’t scribble anything down,
Didn’t scour the dictionary for fancy terms
I never did learn to pronounce
Ones never read to me.
No one ever read to me,
Not from books,
Not from indelible scars
That surely say more to the observer
Than I could ever voice.

Jessie Gutierrez

A/N DUDE. Asking Alexandria is amazing live. I saw them in Denver a bit ago and let me say: Holy Cattle, they were phenomenal. 

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