Friday Write-Day: In which I Forget What Month It Is

So January is here, guys. I feel like I was well aware of this three days ago, but some little gremlin flew in on his RC plane and took that kernel of knowledge from my brain, and I’ve just know re-remembered it.

I say that because my editor sent me the revisions for the second half of The Grand Mythos of Úr’Dan last week. It took me a while to respond to her because other things were going on, but I finally did this week.

I’m excited to read through her revisions and make the changes to my myths. Aside from getting the final cover illustration, that’s all I need to do before I can publish the first story on Wattpad.

And then I realized that I’m publishing that first story this month. As in, probably within the next twenty days. I’ve spent the last week mulling over how to end a section of WoEL, and I totally forgot that I’m going to be publishing a monthly serial starting, like… soon.

So that’s awesome and a little crazy to think about. Three months ago, I did not anticipate that I’d be ready to publish new work so soon, but hopefully Grand Mythos  will help me connect with more readers before I publish my next book.

And about that Next Book…

I was not able to write much for The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy this week, what with the New Year’s holiday and such. As I mentioned above, I got stuck on ending one section.

I’ve been trying to avoid ‘filler’ content, sections or paragraphs that just pass the characters’ time and take up more words. However, this one section feels like it ends a bit too abruptly. I started writing a new paragraph to continue the narrative a bit, but I don’t really have anywhere to go with it, so it just feels like filler.

I may just have to cut myself off and end the section, but I have a feeling that future alpha readers and/or my editor will wonder why it wasn’t developed further.

Such is writing a first draft.

Goals for 1/11

  1. Write 2,000 words for WoEL
  2. Prepare the first three stories of Grand Mythos for publication

Steve D

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