haiku and tanka

Happy Haiku Sunday! Here’s a haiku/tanka piece from erikleo, simplistic yet intriguing. Check out more of his work: erikleo.wordpress.com

All Things Creative


on the paving slab
a slug’s silvery map
sets off an apricot stone

the Arctic terns have flown south –
late August, alone in a bird hide

sitting in the sun –
a tiny insect crawls across
my poem

godwits drilling the still pond –
ripples in the universe

watching bumble bees spiral into petals
I rub lavender leaves between fingers
releasing scent
but it doesn’t ease
my throbbing head

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X-Men: Days of Future Past Revitalizes the Franchise

In 2014, it’s admittedly hard to get psyched for superhero movies the way I did in the early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even the early 2000’s when the X-Men franchise first hit theaters. When the last shot of X-Men 2 teased Jean Grey’s Phoenix or when Nick Fury surprised Tony Stark after the credits rolled on 2008’s Iron Man, the giddiness was palpable. Continue reading “X-Men: Days of Future Past Revitalizes the Franchise”