erikleo – A Provisional Narrative

“A Provisional Narrative”

I lay off reading the new

musical criticism        and place

it on top of the beat poet’s

manifesto      which  lies on top

of the novel in the 21st century

which lies on top of creating poetry

step outside

avoiding eye contact with an addict

slumped against a wall    consider

if my life were  jazz

would I choose trumpet

or saxophone

I like both      so could be a combo


through a thousand sycamore keys

along back lanes      littered with rain-soaked books

sofas     and syncopated cats

in the park     the new musical criticism   takes note

of squawking gulls     children’s  train-ride

and tremolo trees      layer upon layer

no absolute values    according to the new

criticism     so best make the most

of the whole buzzing beautiful confusion    best

make some connection    with the music

erikleo, All Things Creative

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