Moonlit Musing – City Living



Ever present
tires squealing on asphalt
voices in the streetlight
motion in movement in mind

Closing doors and opening mouths
This is where my Hell is found.
Surrounded, but never trapped
From the center of the maze,
There’re many ways out,
But I’m standing still.
The din in my head
Finally overpowered by
The cries of the city.

The lives that play ’til their
Logical conclusions…
Caught in the cacophony
Captured by the complacency
Of cheap rent and expensive vices.

This is the only nightmare that
Roars louder than the one
Snarling in my head.

Ever present
the urine scent of abandonment
stale aroma of wasted sustenance
futures in failing always falling

Gods, I hate it here.

Jessie Gutierrez

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