Moonlit Musing – Entropy PT. II

Worth Saying

What do I have worth saying?
What is in me that is valuable enough
to put into the entropy?
Valuable enough to slow the decline,
Valuable enough to make the slide
Not so catastrophic
Not so all consuming.

Not a damn original thing.

Nothing that isn’t already out there
In the ether;
Matter can neither be destroyed
Nor created.
Everything ever hated,
Ever loved,
Has always been,
Will always be.
What can be said
Is only ever said again.
There is power in repetition.
There is wisdom in history.
There is potential in
Even that which seems unworthy.
It doesn’t matter if it’s created first
If it gets the point across,
If it enlightens just one person
If it touches just one soul.

This is what I hope to one day know.

Jessie Gutierrez

Author’s Note: Howdy! So I realized after assigning a title that I had hit upon this theme before, hence the part two-ness of this offering. Read part one, the grrrr -er entry here.

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