Moonlit Musing – Cancer


fate is final
faith is fatal

the body devours self,
an internal war
a blind eye turns;
better to pray
to a voice in your head
to no one but you
than to trust
a doctor. two.
How many second opinions
equal the silence of
a god?

the mind makes
the spirit
to living,
believing it’s sinning
to save yourself.
You. Will. Die.
for your god
for your pride.

Death comes to those in denial.
A willing child
forever waiting for an
absent father.
who doesn’t care
at Best.
who doesn’t exist
at Worst.
maybe those are
becomes a mortal curse.

Death comes for all
but for the faithful
It comes at a run.
Demise in double-time.
what a surprise
that the being that never
said a word
also never
made a move
such a dignified suicide
such a proud devout
man to march to the tomb
taking another path
would lead to more road
it’s only
god is involved
that fate is final
faith is fatal.

Jessie Gutierrez

One thought on “Moonlit Musing – Cancer

  1. beavoicefororphans

    You have a gift for writing; I like it! Here to encourage and support…

    Suicide fate almost fatal
    Faith for me made well
    Saved from depressions hell
    of JESUS I do tell
    God of 2nd to many chances
    On to new life dances
    Faith, Hope, and Love stances
    Word renews; soul restores – freelances

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