Moonlit Musing – The Form It Came In

You are the fondest of my unhappy memories
And the loveliest regret I’ve had.
A disappointment clad in the
Joys and exuberance of youth.
In truth, I’ve never mourned for a mistake more,
Never wished to again tread down the wrong path.

Age may have caused decay –
A bid to be wise, and an attempt to be sane –
I still carry the lightness you once betrayed.
A stolen flame that burnt merrily away.
A thrilling scar to mar unblemished flesh,
Housing a doubting soul and a tempestuous nature.

Gilded agony loved with the power of nostalgia.
Filled beyond the brim with the sourest medicine.
I needed what was within, but the form it came in,
Left me as hollow as I left it.
A drink that empties as it overflows.
A wisdom that drives you mad as soon as
You know what it’s foretold.

You are the fondest of my unhappy memories
And I will never forget.
A distraction maintained in the in-between,
Unseen and lacking distinct form.
I hope one day to be as fuzzy in your memory,
As we were in our morals.

Jessie Gutierrez

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