#AmConsuming: Too Much Streaming Content = No Streaming, Plus Audible!

Now that you all know that I haven’t been writing much for the last month, I think it’s only fair that I shed some light on what I have been doing.

Welcome to #AmConsuming January. Like my new writing updates, I’m going to try this as a monthly series.

#AmFinished, a.k.a. Recently Completed

Caught, by MLS Weech

I posted a review of this last month! Check it out.

Bodyguard, Netflix

I also reviewed this last month! I’m already doing pretty well with these timely reviews.

The Sleeping and the Dead (beta version), Paul B. Spence

I won’t be reviewing this one, since it’s just a beta copy. Just know that I thoroughly enjoyed this sci-fi story, complete with machine intelligence, space battles, teleportation, and all kinds of other crazy shit. I’ll be picking up the first published book in the series to really dig into it.

Turn, Netflix

This show was great, and its fourth and final season is given a proper ending. Ian Kahn’s portrayal of George Washington is imprinted on my brain. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read or hear about Washington without imagining Kahn in the dress uniform of the Continental Army.

I may have to write more about this show.


Parador, Peter A. Dixon

Part two of the series I started reading on Wattpad. I’ve already reviewed part one, The Juggernaut, here. Honestly, I started reading this but then got wrapped up in other things on this list. I’ll come back to it after I finish the aforementioned beta read.

The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas (audiobook)

Since I’m now taking Nugget to daycare every morning, I decided to subscribe to audible to give both of us something a little more wholesome to listen to on our morning commute.

The Hate U Give is one of those books I know I should read, so it was a natural candidate for my first Audible credit purchase. I get one book credit per month with my subscription, which is about the pace I’m hoping to achieve. So far, this book is well worth the listen.

A Crown of Swords, Robert Jordan

I think I need to stop reading from a screen before I go to sleep, so I picked this book off my shelf to help me wind down at night. Once again, I’ve probably waited too long between reading books in this series. This is book seven of The Wheel of Time series, and the layers just keep building. I’m two chapters in and keep having to remind myself who some of the tertiary characters are. But I’m excited to continue this epic journey with Rand, Perrin, and Mat.


I’ve found it hard to latch onto a new show the last couple of weeks. My Hulu and Netflix lists are too big, so I’ve just been dabbling in a bunch of random things.

I sort of hate-watched Friends from College, Keegan Michael Key’s Netflix show. Hate is a strong word. I irritably-watched it. Most of the intended comedic moments are based on the characters humiliating themselves, and at least two of them are entirely one-dimensional. There were a few good actors, however, so I blew through both seasons just to have something to watch.

Atlanta, season 2, Hulu

I watched season 1 last year sometime, so I’m just catching up on season 2. This season’s episodes are structured more like individual vignettes, so my feelings toward it change with each episode. But Darius and Van are awesome. I need more of them both in my life.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hulu

I unknowingly caught up with this show during my paternity leave, so I’m just watching season 6 episode to episode like it’s 1998. Still worth it.


Since football season is officially over, I’ll probably turn my attention more fully to college basketball.

I’m also intrigued by this Alliance of American Football. There are eight teams, and play begins this Saturday. Troy Polamalu is involved, so how bad could it be?


Eternium, Android mobile

I just beat this game on Normal mode, so now I have to do it again on Heroic. There is also another game mode called Trials, which are individual levels to beat as you advance. Beating these gives you some pretty sweet rewards.

I might start a new game with a different class as well. My current character is a mage, but there are two others to try.

Torchlight II, PC via Steam

I haven’t even logged into this game since I first downloaded it. Now that I have my desktop up and running, I might be able to dip into it.

That’s it for now. What are you into right now?

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