Misplaced Missive #93 – Obedience and Oblivion

The promise of “I’ll see you again”,
And of everlasting eternity,
Beckons me like a siren song,
But it feels wrong
To crave to belong
With those whose beliefs
Ring so hollow to me.

Devotion to absent higher powers,
Misinterpreted messages and
Fear of ever present evil sours
Any glimmer of light in the abyss
Of mindless obedience
That vows forever and ever.

So it’s follow your rules,
And march to your drum,
Or end in oblivion.
I refuse
To be afraid of the end
And even if it’s a sin,
And I’ll never see my loved ones again,
I won’t be another sheep
With no shepherd.

False promises written long ago,
Don’t imbue meaning and
Certainly won’t
Inspire faith or
Negate all the evil
Done in your name.

Jessie Gutierrez

“… I’m only lonely for the true…”

A/N: Whoa. Bring Me The Horizon’s new album is delightfully, totally not what I anticipated.


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