Short Story – Paralyzed – SD

Tuesday morning.

It was warm under a grey sky, yet the air felt crisp. A storm had passed through in the night, lifting a heavy blanket of humidity off the city. The ground was slowly drying in the morning heat and spots of sunlight peeking through the clouds.

I was driving back from my morning class on the north campus – driving because my small two-person dorm room was on the south. As I pulled into the ever-crowded parking lot of my ten-story dorm, dozens of students strolled up and down the sidewalk heading wherever they needed to head. It was impossible to walk the campus without seeing someone who you’ve never seen before in your life, and whom you will probably never see again. I never could decide if that was proof of life’s beauty or its great tragedy; that there are people I could chance encounter every day who I will never know. Continue reading “Short Story – Paralyzed – SD”

Nightmarish Allure: Meg Myers is My Favorite New Pop Star

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I’m not really into pop music, and Meg Myers is not all that new. However, she is new to me, and I have yet to hear her on the radio, so I think it counts. After Jessie graced our computer speakers and headphones by featuring Meg Myers’s video for  “Desire” in a post a few months ago,  my intrigue quickly sky-rocketed to mini-crush and then to buying Meg Myers’s first LP, 2015’s Sorry.

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