July’s Theme – Alliterative America in Full Color – JG

Evasion and Excuse

Reckless racist rhetoric of a revolting ragemonger
Evolving from endless evasion and excuse
Dividing and disturbed

Red is the color of blood he will spill.

Wavering between ‘worsts’, we wallow
Hovering – hating him and her – both hawkish
In her ideals, his idiocracy, their idolatry of ‘I’
Time tells this turmoil too tumultuous too thwart
Ever escalating in endless evasion and excuse

White is the long covered color of our innocence.

Anchored to agendas of ages away: acrophobia
Never ’til now, noteworthy in the negative, the narrative nonfiction
Delving into deceit daily, deleted disclosure decriminalized

And yet, we stay the same old course.

Between blowhard and betrayer; both will backstab
Luring layman and lawyer alike with lies and libel
Up until You
Expect more than endless evasion and excuse.

Blue is the color of our sadness at having fallen so far.

Jessie Gutierrez

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