A Short but Sweet Overnight Stay in Lexington, KY

As you may or may not have been aware, Jessie and I just concluded a road trip to move her from Denver back to Baltimore — where she belongs!

We drove a small moving truck filled with her crap precious belongings 1,800 miles over three days. Among long days of driving and stops in multiple cities, one place snuck up on us to steal our hearts: Lexington, Kentucky. Continue reading “A Short but Sweet Overnight Stay in Lexington, KY”

Double Acrostic – Baggage / That which Lingers – SD

So I scheduled this to publish this morning as an ultimatum for myself and forgot to finish and upload the poem. It got four likes with only a quote and a link to a video, so… thank you for the support I guess 😛

“Afflicted Beacon”

Ill-fated sentinel
tugging at a sky of red,
wishful fait accompliContinue reading “Double Acrostic – Baggage / That which Lingers – SD”

Baltimore Prose – Temple, Bottle, Athlete – SD

“This City is Our Temple”

Ramps and bridges vault overhead between soaring plate-glass buildings, mirroring the heavens, reflections of our own sense of wonder. Their steel bones and cement feet shield us from the wild night, when the demons come calling; nightmarish designs of flesh or mere shadows. Continue reading “Baltimore Prose – Temple, Bottle, Athlete – SD”