Rock Song – Saving Ze World – JG

OK, so the theme was totally saving the world and my entry veers heavily into destroying it instead. Whoops? At least I stuck to the structure XD


Devil in the Details, Monster in the Music

‘It’s a symphony and everyone’s in the band’,
Said a wise man to a crowded room,
That might as well have been empty,
For all the impact he made. Continue reading “Rock Song – Saving Ze World – JG”

What Are Rights? Rebuttal AKA Your Vacuum Missed a Spot to the Right


Dear Stevie,

I’m a big fan of the late great George Carlin, too, although you definitely got into his stand up way earlier in life than I did. I would estimate that I didn’t know who he was until high school, perhaps only really watching and enjoying his act somewhere in my earlier twenties. I’ll freely admit it: he stands tall amongst my heroes, joined by fellow charismatic storytellers like Kurt Vonnegut and Joss Whedon, so I’m a little butthurt at your deconstructing his wisdom. Continue reading “What Are Rights? Rebuttal AKA Your Vacuum Missed a Spot to the Right”

Literary Inspiration – What are Rights?

I think about George Carlin a lot. He was one of the first comedians I really started listening to when I was about eight… which is probably too young. But I think his cultural impact goes far beyond being a stand-up comedian. I really think he was a modern-day philosopher, especially as he got older and the subject matter of his comedy became more existential. I don’t know if he believed all of the ideas that he presented on stage, but he at least had the intellectual capacity to consider and explain them – convincingly. Continue reading “Literary Inspiration – What are Rights?”