Numberbrag: 20,000 Views Under the Web

Milestones are sort of weird. They can be easy to lose track of until you’re sitting right on top of them. I stopped myself from doing one of these stats update posts until we had hit a real milestone.

Well, I stopped paying attention, and here we are well over 20,000 Views and 13,000 visitors all-time. Sweet!

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Weathering the Storm: Of Monsters and Men’s Second Album and Musical Growth

Our music reviews seek to trace the narratives that weave between songs and albums. Check out our Rhythmic Fiction tag for other stories told through music.

A few months ago, I retrospectively plotted the narrative of Of Monsters and Men’s first album, My Head is an Animal, in the hopes that binging on their music would sate my appetite for more until their second album was released.

Thankfully, their second album has arrived, and I now have tickets to see Of Monsters and Men live (again) in September.

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