Haiku Sunday – Undiscovered



lead down the rabbit hole to

new musical lands.

Anybody want to listen to some power metal/melodic death metal? Unleash the Archers had popped up in my YouTube recommendations before, but none of their songs caught my ears until the one below. After listening more closely, I’ve just ordered this album Apex off their site.

Steve D

Haiku Sunday – About


Familiar places,

unfamiliar surroundings.

New public order.

Steve D

We went out to a couple breweries today, and it honestly caught me off guard having to actively think about social distancing rules in a public space. I’m not against such rules at all — in fact, I’m really proud of how cautious the state of Maryland has been through this pandemic. It’s just strange to be out in an otherwise casual setting and have to rethink how I interact with people there.