Chapter 8 of “The Grand Mythos”… a bit late

So I totally meant to publish chapter eight of “The Grand Mythos of Úr’Dan” last week, and it totally slipped my mind.

But now it’s here!

“Aenúrfít and the Unending Flame” depicts the First Life’s first encounter with Hairek, perhaps the most powerful–and most ambitious–of the First Four Vai’ad.

Genre: fantasy, high fantasy, mythic fantasy

Chapter Blurb: The First Life has its first face-to-face encounter with Hairek, the Unending Flame, but the Vaia does not leave Aenúrfít feeling warm.

Series Blurb:

Every world has its origin story.

The vibrant world of Úr’Dan and the powerful beings who created it are eager to find life in the cosmos. But their untested powers will clash as they each strive to bring their vision of the universe to fruition–and control the wondrous creatures who live there. Witness the creation of a vibrant new world.

Based on the unique fantasy universe of the novel, The Warden of Everfeld: Memento.

As always, this story is free to read on Wattpad:

Steve D

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March’s Theme – and call for ideas!

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