October Update: Beefing Up after a Much-Needed Hiatus

gin fizz sazerac

Well, a lot has happened in the last 10 days. First of all, Future Wife finally became Present Wife. The wedding was amazing and the honeymoon was awesome. That photo above is a taste of what we experienced (and tasted) in the Big Easy Continue reading “October Update: Beefing Up after a Much-Needed Hiatus”

Friday Write-Day: The Revision Plan


My short story has been submitted to Five on the Fifth’s contest! I read through Wolf’s Moon Night on Sunday night, making a few small changes, then again on Monday night. I finally worked up the courage to submit it on Tuesday, one day before the deadline. Submitting to a litmag — and particularly a contest — is daunting. Continue reading “Friday Write-Day: The Revision Plan”