SKYLIGHTS: A Fun and Exciting Sci-Fi Romp

I finished reading Skylights by Luther M. Siler a week or two ago. Siler was the first indie author I followed when I joined WordPress three years ago. I’ve been intending to read this book for forever, and boy am I glad I got around to it. Continue reading “SKYLIGHTS: A Fun and Exciting Sci-Fi Romp”

Galumphing – Carpenter, Cloud, Outer Space – SD

“Hard Hat Dreamer”

He stands on the corner amidst the sea
Watching the people flow down the street
With their tenacity and their gnashing teeth
Sniffing out a piece of Joe Don’s defeat

Hard hat yellow
Belt like espresso
Protruding blades and metal Continue reading “Galumphing – Carpenter, Cloud, Outer Space – SD”