15 on the 15th – Almost Like Praying

Puerto Rico is still suffering. That’s 3.5 million American citizens still suffering, and despite concentrated efforts, the Island Of Enchantment has raised less support than its fellow stricken lands of Texas and Florida, so… I made this. I figure it can’t hurt and I’m thinking about the island all the time anyway. I know PR isn’t a state, so this is technically deviating from the 15ths’ initial intent, but, oh well. Please forgive me and, if you’re able, please show the island a little love.
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Misplaced Missive #29: Memories

Thinking back to days that have passed,
I wish I could remember:

The mornings that seemed to last forever
The afternoons when anything was possible
And the nights with more star than dark

The scent of the breeze
The shade from palm trees
The warm ocean waves

Doing as we pleased

The people I met
The way time was spent
The feel of the wind, the sun, the sea

I wish to rewind, relive it one more time.
But will going back shatter the memory?

I wish they could last an eternity,
But they continue to escape me,
Fading away as I grow older,
Turning swiftly into a hint of a story
With details forgotten and faces blurry.

Jessie Gutierrez