Misplaced Missives #135 – Friendship


Shut lips tightly and tread lightly
Never confess and always be dishonest
Speak slowly and keep focused
Only on what they can bear to hear

Placate and patronize
Smile sincerely and use smooth lines
Shy away from hard truths
And real topics; be conscious
Of their discomfort

Nod agreeably, and don’t let them see
The laughter behind your eyes
Wear a diplomatic disguise
Prize only calm idleness
Dismiss any authentic passion
(Apparently any action is too much distraction)
Hide harsh reactions and dark attractions

Put on a happy mask
Never ask hard questions
And ignore tough life lessons
They have yet to be taught:
This is how friendship is wrought.

Jessie Gutierrez

Author’s Note: so this one was grumpy and kinda bitter. But… I got better? *shrug* Sometimes it takes a lot of growing up to learn who your real friends are. Here’s where I eventually grew to: Friendship Pt. II.


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