Free Verse – Humility – SD

Like Pope Francis I

I once knew a man who walked every day
To and from his office at the top of a skyscraper.
He had a black car which cost more than most,
But he left it at home in a locked garage.
One day I approached him and he stopped and smiled.
He wore a black striped suit with a matching vest
And carried a briefcase made of the finest leather.
I asked him, “Why do you walk everywhere you go?
Isn’t it easier to just use your chauffeur,
To avoid the crowds and stay off the street?”
He cocked his head as if in confusion,
And said “It’s not about convenience or safety or ease.
I prefer to walk on the sidewalk and street,
Not hide in my car to stay out of the dirt.
It reminds me of when I didn’t have the option
To box myself in away from the action.
It helps me remember when I pass through the masses
That I can see them better without my gold-tinted glasses.”
He shook my hand with a genuine grin,
And I’ve never driven where I could walk again.

Steve D

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