Misplaced Missives #139 – Playing Cards – JG

 139. Playing Cards

Your honesty is only there when it suits you;
The attention I bet; the effort you neglect;
Their only reward is guilt and regret.
I suspect I’ll never win your heart or your trust,
And that my prize will be the hush
Left from unanswered questions and awkward silences.

I don’t remember how this began,
But never did I ever plan
To let myself get so discarded.
The only solution is for us to be parted.
Cut like a diamond and equally hardened
To all the bruises and breaks your clubs and your quiet
Have callously caused.
Never once did you pause
As you took from me all I had to give,
Your greed shows in spades,
Black and red, when all is said,
You never played it straight.

Your honesty is only there when it suits you;
The truth you use like a bargaining chip.
The likes of which, I’ve never seen.
I pray there’s no two of your kind,
Already I’ve lost my mind in previous rounds.

I’m done gambling with my emotions,
Mistaken devotions to evasive idols,
Like a child thinking a swinging overhead light
Burns as bright as the sun.

I’m done playing with you like this;
I feel used and useless,
Twisted while resisted,
At every turn,
Like I never learned,
When to call it quits and cut my losses.

Jessie Gutierrez

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