Misplaced Missives #1 – Fire – JG

I realized belatedly that I never said what my Misplaced Missives are, and I figure there’s no better time to explain than at the beginning. Thus, down below is the first – not the first written but the first rewritten into my private journal. These are the lost letters to the ones I’ve loved; letters I was never brave enough to send or letters there’s no longer anyone to send to. So thank you for reading these in the stead of those who never will.
Here goes:



Let me borrow your essence –
The part of you that gives me silence,
Fueled by your bright burning presence.

Alone, stranded in the dark,
And the only light in sight,
Is a flame in someone else’s hearth.

I know I can’t keep you.
I’m not ready to handle the heat,
And you don’t belong with someone like me.
But is it still wrong if it’s temporary?
A torch only needed
Long enough to guide from the tunnels?

What options are left to me?
Abandoned and frozen.
Destined to wander aimlessly,
All but moving in place;
Searching for a sign,
Or a signal amid the shadows.

Alone, stranded in the dark,
And the only light in sight,
Is a flame in someone else’s hearth.

Maybe it’s only the warmth I desire.
I want to bathe inside the fire,
Inside the roar of the inferno,
That deafens the reminders of failure.
Please give me piece of mind a little longer.

Do I dare try to steal heavenly fire?
Or can I accept the inevitable with grace and honor?
Lead me to my funeral pyre;
I deserve the burn and none of the comfort,
Of forbidden blazes.


Wine Suggestion: Domaine Gres St. Vincent Cotes Du Rhone. Rich black in both color and taste, I get a nice showing of black plums, berries, and olives on the palate intermixed with that Old World earthiness. And on the nose? Sniff beyond the ripe fruit and assorted bramble and you get what’s left after a fire’s been extinguished: Smoke.

Jessie Gutierrez 

4 thoughts on “Misplaced Missives #1 – Fire – JG

    1. Jessie Gutierrez

      French! A language I do not speak! Thankfully Google translate is in existence: And it’s never too late to reach Morrison, with all The Doors albums readily available. =) He can be in your ear at the touch of a button, friend.

  1. Jessie Gutierrez

    Womp. Google translate failure. Of course now I am ridiculously flattered and feel completely unworthy. =P But thank you for the compliment, undeserving as I am of such high praise.

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