San Francisco Part I: Beers and Bubble Tea

Part I of my trip to San Francisco. That’s right… I have a dormant travel blog that is now being revitalized. – Steve D


Programming Note: Okay, I’m actually going to try to get back into this blog. Life has a way of getting in the way of other life, no? When I began this blog, I was just settling down from three country-hopping trips in the summer of 2012. I visited a lot of places and met a lot of people. I have since settled back in Maryland with my fiancee (the former girlfriend who ventured to Ireland and France with me) a dog, and a job. But I have more stories to tell and photographs to share. I am doing far less travelling now (to my dislike), but there are other trips I’d like to share. I may also write some retrospective posts about trips I have already discussed; what are the stories or feelings or impressions that have stuck with me one, five, or ten years after the fact? I’ll try…

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