Of Acceptance and Beauty

So this was initially posted on another blog that has since gone under =P  I don’t have the image that inspired it, but I like to think the poem stands on its own. Hopefully. You decide:
Such elegant beauty in the destruction.
There’s a cleanness, a clearness that only comes from the cutting away of the casual,
the usual, the ever present, ever expected… Nature’s refusal
to be predictable, ordinary, routine, anticipated.
It seems unrelated but, I promise:
There is magnificence in this devastation.
The down to ashes, nothing but the strongest left to build back upon,
It’s a gorgeous song with a melody that’s enticingly familiar,
Like a well worn path, paved by the crushed dirt under well loved boots.
Spidering outward, intricate like a web; Growing downward, connected like roots,
To all that ever was and what it’ll lead to, to be.

Such elegant beauty in the destruction.
After an eruption of purifying lava and hellfire, all that’s left
Is rebirth and reconstruction.
Practice makes perfect so build, build again,
Each time is the last time, continue to pretend.
Let the world fend for itself, focus on what’s next
And lay down the albatross across your neck.
Such graceful allure in the annihilation
Of normalcy, comfort, complacency, it’s such a waste you see
To sit back and fear the natural change –
Such splendor in the surrendering to what’s supposed to be.

Jessie Gutierrez

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