Quick Rip: Dead Sara Rocks Me to Goosebumps

I have “discovered” yet another band who has been rocking out for years without my knowledge. It’s like a piece of my soul has been wandering aimlessly, and has just now been returned to its proper place in the ever-growing anthology of musical moments-in-time of my life. Why does this keep happening to me?!

Ugh. Part of me is actually annoyed that I had never heard Dead Sara until a couple weeks ago. A friend of mine texted me and told me to look up “Weatherman”. I searched, I watched, my ears fell off, and then I had to find more.

“Weatherman” is off of Dead Sara’s full-length, self-titled album, which was released in 2012. That’s three years I have wasted not having the serrated edge of Emily Armstrong’s voice sending tremors down my spine. Dead Sara’s music sounds like they’re trapped inside a boiler room of metal pipes and tubes… and are blowing the shit to pieces. I can’t get over how much this song rocks, even after a couple dozen listens.

Their newer album, Pleasure to Meet You (released 5 months ago), features at least two songs noticeably softer than “Weatherman”. Maybe “Weatherman” is a hard-knuckled outlier. Maybe “Something Good” and “Mona Lisa” are a slight divergence from their original sound. I haven’t heard enough of their songs to know. What’s interesting is that Armstrong maintains her jagged vocal sound, even over up-beat melodies that sound more like summer pop rock than energetic hard rock.

Either way, I’m intrigued enough to be hawking their website for any upcoming tour dates. I’ll give their music a full listen at some point… hopefully soon enough to calm the residual goosebumps from my first several listens.

Steve D

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