Color Schemes – Deadlines – JG

Deadlines and the end of an era.
Blast the bass, get lost in Dead Sara,
How to compare the
Always in increments: increase, increase, never cease
No peace, only pieces
Of a memory
Of what never happened because of poor timing.

I’m still crying dry tears
That refuse to appear for fear
of seeming weak.
These are the things of which we don’t speak.
You’ve not yet gone away but you’re all
that I seek.
Bleak thoughts in the key of Deep Purple.

Are you the Weatherman? Do you care
that I drown in the downpour of
doubts and wondering what this was all even about?
Are you the smoke on the water?
Evidence of something finished,
All over, burden on strained shoulders,
Worn thin, nothing within,
Impaled on the tip of a pin,
Ink in the possessed pen…
In the end?
All that’s left is missing.


  • Jessie Gutierrez

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