Ode – Future – SD


I dream of the day
They burst through the door
With joy on their faces,
Wanting to tell more.

Running through the fields chasing pixies under twilight,
Watching their faces glow with fireflies on a summer’s night.
Haunted woods loom ahead, stealing their torches’ fire bright,
But the ghosts cower from the shine of that flashlight.
Hunting monsters and demons, weird alien invaders,
Pretending kids on the next block are secret betrayers.
Now they battle over turf like ancient crusaders.

I dream of the day,
Seeing that joy on their faces,
That sense of adventure
I never would have traded.

You may be wondering why I waited an entire month to post my poem submission for August. Or maybe you didn’t notice. Anyway, I tried to write an ode in lyrical form to the above song. Terrible mistake. This song has so many parts I would have needed to write 70 lines. I tried. It didn’t work out. So I gave up and settled for a much shortened, non-lyrical version, that just sounds nice with this song playing in the background.

Steve D

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