Misplaced Missive #5: Lost At Sea

Patience that knows no shore,
Washes into a sea of restless waiting for
Effort to come to fruition.
Pleading for permission.
I’m begging you: release me from this prison
Of blind high dives and titanic lies.

Water, water everywhere
And not a drop to drink

Soon I’ll be giving up this destination
Searching for another with more promise.
I’ve hit the limits of the water,
And there’s been nothing to sustain me
For so long, too long, maybe I was wrong:
Blinded by the sweet tang of salt
So much so I forgot to notice
I was dying of thirst.

Acceptance found ashore,
Solid ground to live on; to stand for
Effort to regain independence
Praying for your pledge…

…That you’ll leave me be
Recognize that this wasn’t easy
And just sail away.
Or ship off.

Water, water everywhere
And not a drop to drink

You were my red sky morning,
But I can’t stay lost at sea
Forever thrown about by your storms,
Ignoring warnings.
Not anymore.

Jessie Gutierrez


Author’s Note: Holy cow, I wrote this many many moons ago  XD also, while Holy Diver isn’t super related to my poem it is still one badass tune and I hope you enjoy it!

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