Literary Inspiration – Free Verse- JG


No more time to waste; No more excuses to wait.
Overburdened by possessions, useless and extra,
Remove all these trappings of greed hidden beneath
The labels of ‘civilization’ and what society deems one needs,
Heed the call of the wild: lose your inclination for monotonous security.

Everything you need is between your ears and inside your chest –
All hail the dominant, primordial beast
Straining to be free from conditioned existence and domestication.
Today, make each day onward a new horizon.

Set out for the sun; Never fear the fire
Only the freeze of staying put, paralyzed, as what you’ve always been.
Under the vice comprised of everyone’s expectations but your own.
Think for yourself, forge a unique moral code;
Hold yourself up to personal standards.

Wanderlust, an explorer’s dream, a philosopher’s muse;
Embody the virtues of truth, free personality and life as sacrifice.
Signed, Alexander Supertramp, rider of the rails,
Though he has fallen, we have not forgotten.


Jessie Gutierrez

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