Of Water and Wishes – JG

Tears to sail away on…
Frozen by the frigid you left in your wake.
Tears I pretend never fell,
All because of you and for your sake.

Skating on thin, thin ice;
You’re my favorite, fatal vice.
Freezing, cold to the touch;
Do you remember when this became too much?

Tears to sail away from….
The sun never rises on a better tomorrow,
Tears block out the light, out the promise,
Leaving me to float in your sorrow.

Same sick cycle we spin upon. Twice? Thrice?
Time after time, the number climbs and swells,
Fate will tell, this is Hell, fare thee well…
Do you remember when you told me how you felt?

It feels like I remember nothing else:
A moment flash frozen in time.


Jessie Gutierrez

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