Dream Catcher – JG


Spider web woven
Future already chosen
The inevitable bent
Chances broken
Connected by a rusted token
Of all you’re willing to relinquish.

Dangling feathers, far beneath,
Hanging remnants of
Flights never achieved;
Last reminder of dreams
You only dreamed
And all the places you still haven’t gone.

Spider web woven
Caught complacent in the snare
Of soon to be regret.
Are you stuck in your own silk?
Look around at all you’ve built
To capture your visions,
But not live them.

Round and round again.
Your imperfect circle
A hamster wheel of wasted work
and ceaseless wanting.
Going nowhere, near where, you wish you were.
Time and time again –
Rewind, repeat.
A catch, but not a release.


Jessie Gutierrez


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