Blogger Recognition


I begin this post by scowling at… shouting at… giving a shout out to Stevie D who nominated me for this thing. I am thrilled. 😉 In all seriousness though, I suppose I don’t really consider myself a blogger, more a poet who happens to utilize this format. Oh well, time to share a bit about me and the bloggers I enjoy following.

In The Beginning:

…there was light. In this case, not literal light, but the light at the end of the dark, dank tunnel that was a restaurant Stevie and I used to work at together. He’s mentioned in his own post how our mix CD and poetry sharing blossomed, so I’ll just add a my two cents to that story. I had always consistently written, mostly poetry, for  a couple years before meeting him, with no intention of sharing any of it. That’s actually what those Misplaced Missives I post are: Old poetry I was going to leave forever forgotten. But yeah, he was a persistent little bugger and when he found out I wrote (I definitely told him, but I’m not sure I remember what prompted that reveal) , he almost instantly became both a partner and a source of motivation. Soooo yeah, that happened.

Cautious Advice:

  1. Every writer is different. So some advice works and some doesn’t and you really have to figure that out first hand, one day at a time. I will say that the most important thing, at least I hope, is maintaining those differences. That’s what makes your story worth reading; no one else can tell your life as you can. Which brings me to advice 2:
  2. Live your life and don’t be afraid. Or do be afraid, but do everything anyway. And then write about it. All of it. I hide in my poetry and alliteration and goofiness, but I’m still telling you about me. So tell it at a slant if you’re a bit of a coward like me, but tell it. All of it.

And the Nomination goes to…

Austin Wiggins of Writings by Ender

rejectreality101 at Reject Reality

Tony Single of Unbolt Me

eyewillnotcry1973 at Eye Will Not Cry

Robert J. Bentley of The Libertarian Vindicator

Quintessential Editor

Everybody at Poet’s Corner

M.L.S. Weech

Luther M. SIler of Infinitefreetime

Robert at 101 Books

Jared Hines at poetrydiv/ded

Ok… I didn’t hit 15 either. Guess I need to spend some more time navigating around the ole WP.

Jessie Gutierrez



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