Misplaced Missives #28: Mazes

I’ve lost myself again
trapped in what I can pretend
is real and not imagined.

All I’ve got are these lies
deceiving you into believing in
a world where I’m good
and honest. And not a sinner.
As I am now.

I’ve trapped myself again,
lost in deep shadows
and words long since said
Where –

I can hide from fact.
Act pushed by faith beyond reproach;
A tentative approach to the lines
To my own life.
The ones that mark the straight and narrow –
A prayer spoken without thought.

….Thoughts that lead away from….

I’ve lost the self you started.
Once trapped in cynicism and ignorance.
But, I’m through with false penance,
It’s time to find my own way.

Jessie Gutierrez

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