Misplaced Missive #55 – Lovecraft

The thunder calls
to it
or it
calls the thunder.
Lightning blinds and falls
ready to tear us
The lurking fear is

It makes not a sound,
as it moves
Its path is clear,
All about the hunt
Another victim, Another meal.

From beneath you it devours.
Ground ruptures,
Air turns sour.
It starves.
Motivated by primal hunger
It feeds on all
of you.
give it power.

Stand above
a thin barrier,
The only thing between you
and hidden danger.
Buried labyrinth of monstrosity stranger
than devils and demons
known to man.

Fear not death,
But insanity.
It’ll strip you of
your humanity

Jessie Gutierrez

A/N: Inspired by HP Lovecraft’s Rats in the Walls. Reminds me of Jeepers Creepers.

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