Reblog Wednesday: Sinfest

The very first comic =) has been around since January of 2000, created by Tatsuya Ishida. I’ve been a loyal reader since 2008, aka my senior year in high school when I used to check his newest webcomic offering every morning at 7:30 in my Journalism class. I love it and therefore am sharing it with you lovely folks, on this Reblog Wednesday.

To give you a brief overview:

Sinfest posts every day and follows the lives of a large cast of characters, including: Slick, a young man learning to define himself despite his evil demon shadow tempting him to be the worst version of himself possible, Monique a young woman recently made aware of the sexism she used to directly profit from, The Devil, his son, God, his son, and many, many others.

I’ll be clear here: it’s quirky and probably not for everyone. But I love it. With all these years under its belt, the art, subject matter, and quips all continue to grow and develop. Especially that second thing. So check it out.

Comic from April of this year

Jessie Gutierrez

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