Misplaced Missive #172 – Profanity

When did the word ‘love’,
Become profanity?
In this, my time of insanity,
I lose sight of what makes sense;
Since when did caring and concern
Become sins deserving of penance?

I can no longer tell what’s real.
I used to love you.
Of that I’m mostly sure,
But now I think you were a treatment,
Never a cure,
To the way I’m driving myself mad.

When did the word ‘love’,
Become profanity?
Suddenly only hate brings clarity.
It feels cleansing and real,
Like it will strengthen me to heal
Wounds marked regret and guilt.

I wonder if there’s a solution,
To be found amid the confusion,
Over which words are worse.
I have to be careful; don’t mean to curse,
You with feelings you deem worse,
Than swearing and slander.

Jessie Gutierrez

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