Misplaced Missive #76 – Truth

Your trust in me
Has diminished mine in you.
Misplaced knowledge,
You shouldn’t’ve been honest.

Lie to me,
When I haven’t earned the truth.
Try to see,
I’ll understand your dishonesty.
Hard to believe,
You don’t know:
Ignorance is bliss.

My distorted perspective –
There are right times for lies.
I promise to try to ignore
And acknowledge the reasons for.

The truth is pretty
In theory,
But not more than
Loyalty bred lies.
So next time I lie,
Remember it’s all
With you in mind.

And next time you tell the truth,
Make sure your listener is worth it,
I’m not sure you’ve heard this,
But ignorance is bliss.

Jessie Gutierrez

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