15 on the 15th: Florida – Party in the city where the heat is on…

…All night, on the beach ’till the break of dawn “Welcome to Miami”

Does anyone else think the majority of all crazy ish happens in The Sunshine State? From bath salt zombies to sinkholes this state boasts some quality chaos. Don’t worry though: the music, food and beaches help even the scales of awesome. So here goes with that first one:

Anberlin – Feel Good Drag

Unfortunately, these guys called it quits in 2014. Luckily, they left us with some stellar tunes before they went.

Fit For Rivals – Novacaine

This is off their second album, Freak Machine. FFR hails from Jacksonville.

Jack Off Jill – When I Am Queen

Co-founded by Marilyn Manson, you already know you’re in for some darkness with this riot grrrrl band out of Fort Lauderdale.

New Found Glory – Party On Apocalypse

Thank The Powers That Be that New Found Glory is still making fantastically fun pop punk.

Yellowcard – Only One

Sadly, as of March 2017 and after ten albums, these guys have disbanded. I’m going to miss their special brand of pop punk with violin highlights.

Fireflight – Desperate

Great female fronted Christian band.

There For Tomorrow – A Little Faster

OK. So the story here is a wee bit complicated, but basically this Orlando band split in two. Two former members now go by AFTHR, a band a little less rock, a little more electronic than the original.

Against Me! – Crash

It bugs me that some people know more about this band’s lead singer’s transition than about all the fucking awesome music they’ve created. They’re from Gainesville, just like this next band…

Less Than Jake – She’s Gonna Break Soon

MV featuring Rory Gilmore!

2 Pistols – She Got It ft T-Pain & Tay Dizm

Three in one! All of these gents are from FL.

Pitbull & J Balvin- Hey Ma ft Camila Cabello

Pitbull was born in FL. Cabello grew up there. That’s got to be a point and a half, don’t ya think?

Hey Monday – Homecoming

Another group that has undergone changes since the release of this track. Technically they’re on hiatus, but who knows what will happen given that their lead singer, Cassadee Pope, now has her own solo country music career. Tom Whall of the MD mix is her drummer!

A Day To Remember – All Signs Point To Lauderdale

Given the title, how could I resist putting this on the mix?

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Don’t Come Around Here No More

Alice in Wonderland themed music video? Yes, please.

The Almost – Say This Sooner

Fronted by former Underoath drummer, these fellas are from Clearwater.

Honorable Mention:
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Marilyn Manson
The Allman Brothers Band
Dashboard Confessional
Matchbox 20
Ace Hood
Burn Season

Jessie Gutierrez

PS: As you might’ve noticed there are some big names listed under Honorable Mention and not actually placed in the 15 mix itself. Why? Because this mix is supposed to be, at least in part, about finding new music, not just pointing out where existing favorites originated. Hence Jack Off Jill being showcased, but not Mr. Manson himself. I think everyone has heard his Sweet Dreams anyway…

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