Misplaced Missive #122 – Kings and Courts and Clowns

Endless apologies for reasons unknown,
Offered up continuously to a hollow throne,
Countless attempts to atone even though,
As you reign, this servitude enslaves me.
Where will self-imposed exile take me?

Today marks the start of the end,
Of this painful prison sentence,
I volunteered my naive former self for.
From now on, I’ll be sure to be more cautious,
Of false idols and false prophets.

Of false kings and false saviors.
I loathe my repentant behavior;
A servant isn’t who I ever wanted to be.
So I’ll throw away all those ‘sorrys’,
For actions disapproved of and remove,
Myself from your royal court.
I’m tired of being the loyal sort;
Your stupid toy, Your blind fool, Your last resort.

I don’t know if it’s cowardly,
But please, leave me be, set me free,
Listen to this one last entreaty:
If I ever meant more to you,
Than merely your jester, your clown.
Leave me the hell alone now.

Jessie Gutierrez

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