Misplaced Missive #9 – Corporate Games

Just ignore it, it’ll fade.
Condescending disinterest in communication.
Sunrise, fresh start, new day –
“It won’t matter” you say.

Keep telling yourself it’s ok.
That this is the way it was destined to be,
But what you refuse to see
Is that life isn’t some game
You’re dying to win.

Try to ignore it, but it will stay.
Acknowledge what you’ve aggressively accomplished.
Sunset, closed chapter, done deal –
It always matters what you say,
And how it made them feel.

Descending slope to the bottom,
The end is near, consumed by fear,
You’re sliding downward despite yourself,
At the end of the line, you’ll see,
It’s time to regret your lies,
And crimes against another’s dignity.

Can’t ignore it, time to pay.
Do you feel anything?
There’re no more days
To change what you’ve done
And who you’ve hurt
In your all encompassing quest to earn.

All that’s left: shame and karmic debt.
That goes with such a grisly gamble,
With its ups and downs,
Turn arounds,
And rapid end.

Jessie Gutierrez

PS: I have no idea what inspired this anymore. It’s been more than a few years since I first wrote this, so it’s interesting to look back at concrete evidence of my naiveté falling away. Weird.

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