Misplaced Missive #23 – Worthless

My honest words, not watered down like yours:
Me, Suspected of masochistic instinct?
In a respect, you satisfy that urge,
That immoral inclination, that you strive to suppress,
As you neglect the pain you cause.

Maybe you don’t know, don’t recognize, don’t care –
That your secrets I loyally keep,
Are keeping me under, drowning me,
In an ocean 500 lies deep.

And maybe you don’t think, don’t believe, don’t notice,
How I’m choking, feeling hopeless,
Wondering if it’s worth it, if you’re worth this,
‘Cause I’m feeling worthless.
About to leave this curse, this…
Pathetic excuse for close friendship.

Time to let the ship sail away.
It’s a red sky morning – So I’ll say,
Goodbye from the shore.
Nevermore will I be thrashed about,
On the waves and whims of another.

Jessie Gutierrez

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