Misplaced Missive #97 – Useless

I’d give you anything,
Because you won’t ask for a thing.
I want to do everything for you,
Because you need me for nothing.

Can’t offer,
Can’t act,
Each gesture,
A step back,
From appropriate.
Give me…
Drugs, Drink, and Devious Opiate
To numb these
Failures of function.
Futility forced
By etiquette.

Twisted, isn’t it?
A love’s prerequisite:
To find me obsolete,
Find me useless,
Don’t confuse this:
I want you.
Mostly because you don’t want me.
Until fate intervenes,
This is my predicament,
And I cannot purge it from mind.
Driven crazy,
Thoughts hazy,
Dizzied by the dozens
Of bright signs of my
Glowing, growing ineffectuality.

Ever so fixated.
Quick! Save yourself from me,
And my need to do.
My intentions are blurred,
This vulnerability can’t be cured,
Without the inevitability of one injured.
Be it burned, bruised, or broken.
That’s the true token of my affection:
Let me suffer alone the consequences,
Of such insidious insecurity.

Jessie Gutierrez

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