Misplaced Missive #126 – Karma

Obey the family prophecy;
It’s natural to act this way.
In the genes to play,
Around with hearts.

There’s a certain logic:
Easy to learn and,
Easy to follow.
Hollow out your morals,
The spoils of the hunt,
Are more than reward enough,
For the price you pay.

I’ve broken my own rules.
The sacred tools of control,
Of keeping so cool, you’re ice cold:
Numb to the pain you inflict,
Purely for cruel amusement.
I deserve punishment.
What penance can equal,
Such an offense?

For years. Years.
I adhered to the code.
Kept myself alone,
While completely surrounded.
Then you happened,
And confounded,
All I believed to be true.

Karma has seen fit,
To intercede, intervene,
With poetic justice:
Absolution of my ignorance.
Now I walk the path,
I forced others down,
With only myself to blame,
A self in need of change.

Obey the family prophecy,
It’s natural to act this way.
In the genes to play,
Around with people’s hearts,
To hide the holes in ours.
A pack of cowards,
Who can’t trust enough to love,
And must use to feel.

Jessie Gutierrez

PS: This song has been on a loop in my head for weeks now.

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